Repeat prescription

To keep the telephone availability of the general practice optimal, we ask you to order repeat prescriptions via Apotheek Nieuwland (pharmacy).

It has the strong preference to use the repeat number as stated on the pharmacy label.
Requests can be made by telephone, the website and an app. More information can be found on the website of Apotheek Nieuwland.

You can get your repeat prescription after 15.00 hours at Apotheek Nieuwland if:

  • you request your repeat prescription by telephone before 09.30 hours on the repeat medication line via number: 088 080 02 85 with the repeat number
  • you request your repeat prescription before 22:00 hours the previous day via
  • you hand in the empty box of your repeat prescription with the recipe label before 09.30 hours at Apotheek Nieuwland

Otherwise your repeat prescription will be ready for you the next working day after 15.00 hours.

Apotheek Nieuwland is located at Lage Boog 134, 3824 EG in Amersfoort.